Preseason Primer - Goalkeepers

With all the turnover on the Whitecaps roster between Round 1 and Round 2 (inaugural 2011 Season vs. upcoming 2012 Season for all who are uninitiated to the ‘Caps marketing campaign), many fans are having a difficult time keeping track of the players they should cheer for.  Enter Pacific Boulevard.

Never again will you wonder how often in 2012 Shea Salinas will make a dazzling run and then miss the net entirely; or, when Johnny Leathers will make his return to early 2011 season form.  But most importantly you will never have to struggle (and by struggle I mean giggle like a schoolgirl) over the proper pronunciation of Peter Vagenas’ name ever again.

“Is it pronounced phonetically the way it is spelled?...but that sounds like a dirty part of the female anatomy… Wait, the ‘g” is actually pronounced like a “y” you say? Really?? Well, that is even filthier!”

To avoid this confusion (and associated hilarity), we thought it best to provide a preseason cheat sheet on each player signed to this year’s First Team Men’s roster.  All the important details are there, including some of the likely hashtags you may wind up using when tweeting about these players at some point this season.
We will start off with the Goalkeepers...

Name: Joe Cannon
Position: Goalkeeper
Birthplace: Sun Valley, Idaho
Bio: Best known (at least in my mind) for the “Boom” sound that the Southsiders serenade him with as he strikes each of his goal kicks.  Cannon actually formed our goalkeeping tandem with long-time fan favourite Jay Nolly last season.  Once Nolly was deemed expendable, Cannon has stepped in as the default starter for 2012.  The key concern with Cannon this year is his durability given his age, as he has proven himself to be reliable between the posts otherwise.   
Twitter Account: @JoeCannonGK1
Recommended 2012 Hashtags: #BOOM, #joesolidasacannon, #shootjoecannonoutofacannon

Name: Brad Knighton
Position: Goalkeeper
Birthplace: Hickory, North Carolina
Bio: Not for the last time in the Preseason Primer, we are introducing a current Whitecap as a “Former Carolina Railhawk under Martin Rennie”.  Henceforth, this shall be referred to as a “FCRUMR”.  Knighton can be distinguished from the other FCRUMR’s as the only one brought in to back up Joe “Solid as a” Cannon in goal.  Knighton has some previous experience in MLS with New England and Philadelphia, although the bulk of his experience has been in Tier 2 North American soccer.  Barring an injury or drastic loss of form, he will likely be used as Cannon’s deputy for the season.   
Twitter Account: @bbknighton
Recommended 2012 Hashtags: #FCRUMR, #secondstringgk

Name: Brian Sylvestre
Position: Goalkeeper
Birthplace: Hollywood, Florida
Bio: One for the future.  Sylvestre signed for the Caps Residency Program back in 2010 and has worked his way up to being signed by the big club.  A U.S. under-20 player, he will likely be buried in the depth chart behind the two more experienced ‘keepers.  Here he will have ample opportunity to refine his craft while taking in pointers from Cannon and Knighton.  Perhaps he can spend some of his time opening a twitter account as well…
Twitter Account: N/A
Recommended 2012 Hashtags: #Sylvestrenottweety, #FloridahasaHollywoodToo

About Rajan Dhariwal

Rajan has played, coached, and followed soccer on the West Coast his entire life. Blessed with the luxury of two historically dominant soccer playing nations in his background, he has been lucky enough to witness the dizzying heights of both the Canadian and Indian national teams. Needless to say, he gets his fix for winning teams through his support of Arsenal and the Whitecaps. Follow @pacificblvd

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