Fantasy Boulevard 2016 - First Kick
Monday, February 29, 2016 at 9:11PM
Graham Tooke

The boys are back in town. Plus David and Doug to increase the tension on Paul to not finish bottom again! Oh and a slow clap for Mark on last years win.

In addition to the regular fixture point scoring system, Fantasy Boulevard has added 5 point bonuses for correctly selecting the winners of each conference and the MSL Cup. Which could come in handy considering how tight the table got down the stretch.

9 - The number of different clubs the panel has gone with

6 - The number of times Vancouver Whitecaps has been selected

4 - The number of sides in line to win MLS Cup; FC Dallas, LA Galaxy, Toronto FC and Vancouver Whitecaps

1 - The number of panelists to have a team top their conference and collect MLS Cup (David with Toronto FC)

0 - The number of panelists to agree with Tony's conference winners ;) 


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