Fantasy Boulevard - Week 11
Wednesday, May 18, 2016 at 11:01AM
Pacific Boulevard

After a one week blip, Rajan managed to controversially gain the lead by taking over the computation responsibilities, opening the door for a FIFA-like raid of his home offices in a search for evidence of corruption. The Doug/Tony/Graham trifecta all put together strong weeks to remain within shouting distance, with the rest of the pack starting to lag behind. 

Next week will likely see more movement in the table as consensus with picks is, as always in MLS, an impossible dream. All are looking to find their own ways to game the system to their advantage. Darren, perhaps relying on the wave of analytics data available at the Whitecaps head office, has picked more games to end 2-2 than any other result. Further down the table, Mark waits until all scores are submitted and then cherry-picks his own results on the back of everyone else's hard work. And Paul, in a desperate ploy to reverse his misfortune, has copied Rajan's exact predictions, failing to realize this strategy will prevent him from falling further behind, but also block him from closing the gap. An ethical bunch, we are.


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