Fantasy Boulevard - Week 13
Wednesday, June 1, 2016 at 11:38AM
Pacific Boulevard

Last week's mediocrity was replaced by this week's bucket of crud (with my heartfelt apologies to crud for making you look bad) when it comes to predicting MLS scores. Our saving grace, the shining light amongst the darkness, was the magnificent David "Celebratory Drinks" Sinton. His transcendent score of eight dwarfed the nearest competitor (if you can even call any of us that) with the closest score hardly reaching halfway up the mountain that David built. In the immortal words of the Westside Connection, "Bow Down".

Looking at the big picture, David is still languishing in last, albeit slightly less in last than he was last week. So there is that. The order of the table as a whole remains the same as it was at this time last week. With a meagre six games on tap this week followed by a nine-day MLS hiatus, the awful eight would be wise to use this time to re-assess their match picking strategies.  

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