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What's The Score? Conference Finals Leg 1

Graham in a mad panic to get everyones scores in just realised due to the international break the conference finals aren't actually taking place till next week. For the first time in a long time everyones scores are in well before the deadline. Congrats Mark!


What's The Score? - Conference Semi-Finals Leg 2


What's The Score? - Conference Semi-Finals Leg1


What's The Score? - Knockout Round

Have no fear, the Champ is here! That's the mug of the regular season cup. 

It's not over though, there's still a chance for Rajan and Mark to claim some silverware in the playoff rounds.

Draw before extra time = 1 point
Win for correct team = 3 points
Perfect score before extra time = 5 points
Here's what they think of the upcoming knockout round.

What's The Score? Week 33

We've made it to the final week of regular schedule fixtures. From the looks of the table it'll take a mammoth effort to topple Grahm off the top with Mark a good 32 points back of Rajan. But fear not this won't be the last of the predictions as a new race will commence in line with the MLS Playoffs upon the culmination this weekend.

Marks already started the week off with a perfect score for a perfect 3 points. While all three have picked Vancouver to see off Colorado and stake their place in the post season. Also they've all got Seattle clinching the Supporter's Shield. Next week you'll find out who they have taking the MLS Cup.


What's The Score? Week 32


What's The Score? Week 31


What's The Score? Week 30

Mark with the huge 12 pointer! After going missing he seems to have recharged enough to put some points on the board, although still a ways away from the top. Raj can settle for a little while yet. Itll take some more of the same for Mark to topple the leaderoard in the final four weeks. However, we still have playoffs that could change the outlook.

This week Mark's gone with a massive 3-0 home win for the Caps in their battle for the final playoff spot. We can only hope that result rings true.