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Rules for the 2012 Season

In an ongoing effort to improve the profile of the club on and off the field, the Whitecaps have compiled a list of rules that will govern their actions over the course of the season. These rules were developed as a way to avoid some of the more critical mistakes from last season as they move into Round 2. While any inaugural season is sure to have its share of bumps along the way, the Whitecaps have decided to learn from past incidents and try to rectify them....

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Preseason Primer - Midfielders

For part three of our Preseason Primer Series we will be turning our attention to the midfielders. Keep in mind that there are some players who fall into that grey area where they may be used as midfielders or strikers depending on how they perform and what formation Coach Rennie uses. The breakdown for these positions in this post reflects where they are expected to play at the start of the season, assuming Rennie continues to use his preferred 4-3-3 (or 4-2-3-1 depending on how you visualize it).

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